Reklamní agentura VICOMT

Reklamní agentura VICOMT

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Reklamní agentura VICOMT


Every step we make begins with creativity. Whatever we do, we always try to find a way, which leads towards new, original ideas, thoughts and concepts.

High quality enters for planning guarantee to our client’s professional media service.

PThanks to the foundations built on planning and media purchase we put our clients’ products together with their customers in the most effective communication way. Our task is to plan and create outstanding campaigns.

We provide to our clients promotion events focusing either on the employees (birthday or Christmas parties) or on journalists (press conferences) or on the consumers (product or service promotion).



number of people in the target group reached by the campaign at least once


gross rating point – shows the number of advertising reaches. A person from the target group is counted as many times as he or she has come across the advertising campaign.


the price per thousand of contacts in a target group


the degree of suitability of a campaign for a certain target group. It calculates the campaign GRP for a certain target group (numerator) and for the population living in the Czech Republic (divisor). If the value is higher, it means that the campaign is more suitable for a target group that GRP appears in the numerator.


frequency of reaches – This media index shows the average number of reaches for people in the target group.